Gio and Olivier on pads. London dojo, Spring 2007.


Shidokan GB is a non-profit making organisation dedicated to training and developing the style of karate created by Kancho Yoshiji Soeno 9th dan.

Master Soeno was the number one student of the legendary karate master and creator of Kyokushinkai karate, Mas Oyama.

Master Soeno’s karate involves the use of traditional karate methods, knockdown karate techniques, thai boxing techniques and judo techniques. The style is based on his experience in all four disciplines both in Japan and competitively in Thailand.

Shidokan GB is also a member of the Japan Kickboxing Association.

We regularly attend European seminars and regularly visit Japan to train with our master and also to grade. Gradings are also held in UK every 6 months.

Kancho Soeno has personally approved and graded each of his Shihans or masters who run the Shidokan organisations in many countries.

So far, Shidokan GB students have competed in UK, France, Belgium, Japan, Sri Lanka, Latvia and Lithuania.

The current branch chief and chief instructor for Shidokan GB is Shihan JJ Burnel 7th dan; with 40 years experience of martial arts in the UK and Japan.

He has taught and demonstrated in Belgium, Morocco, Japan and Sri Lanka. He started training in Taekwondo at university and later went on to train in Kyokushinkai. He was made Shidokan branch president in 1991.

Fees in London

Each class costs £10. However students can benefit from reductions if they pay by monthly standing order.

If training at all classes at both venues a standing order of £50 per month allows the student the flexibility of two classes per week and a potential saving of £30 per month.

Before being allowed to spar, students are expected to take out insurance of £30 per year which also entitles them to British and Japanese membership of The World Karate Association, the Shidokan.

For a list of Shidokan black belt instructors authorised to teach in the UK please click here.