Shihan Burnel

Shihan JJ Burnel has over 40 years of training in martial arts. He first started Tae Kwondo at age 19. At 21 years of age he started Kyokushinkai under Sensei Brian Crowley. In 1978 he went to Tokyo to train at the Kyokushinkaikan in Ikebukuro. Since 1991 he has been UK branch chief of The Shidokan. He has taught, fought and demonstrated all over the world including Japan. He was awarded his 6th dan in Japan in 2005 and was awarded the title Renshi in 2012. In 2014 he was promoted to nanadan, 7th dan

Senpei Pete Mortlock

Pete Mortlock

Boxing: Kent Junior Champion; Royal Marines champion x3; FARELF Champion x3; (Far East Land Forces); Singapore Open Champion; Asian Games Gold Medallist; (All above Boxing); Trained in Unarmed Combat; Judo Player for 2 years; Currently training in Aikido and Muay Thai; Trained in Kalari Pappyatu in India (Indian Martial Art); Shidokan 20 years: Shodan 1996; 2nd Dan 2007; Currently takes specialised boxing classes at London Dojo.

Senpei Kevin Hone

Sensei Steve Fenwick

Steve, York dojo, 2005

Gradings: 1st Dan - February 2001; 2nd Dan - October 2005; 3rd Dan - June 2007; Tournaments: BKK - Crystal Palace 1998, 2000, 2002, 2005, 2006; Nice Open - 1998; Belgian Open - 2001; 8th Nice Open - Nice 2002; World Cup - Annecy 2004; All Japan Open- Tokyo 2005; Other Styles Trained: Kyokushin- 1994-1997; Muay Thai- 2002-present



We can be found training at the following dojos


Honbu Dojo


7.30pm at:

Slim Jims, One Finsbury Avenue, Broadgate, London EC2M 2PF

Tubes: Moorgate, Liverpool Street

See map

Shihan JJ Burnel (7th Dan)

Email jj


Cambridge Dojo

St Neots Leisure Centre , Barford Road, Eynesbury, St Neots, PE19 2SA

Friday evenings 7.00pm-9.00pm

£5 per session

Contact Sensei Don Clift (3rd Dan):

+44 (0)7767 634647

or Senpei Kevin Hone shodan:

+44 (0)7752 777658

All levels welcome


York Dojo (members only)

Sensei Steve Fenwick

Next Generation Health Club, St. Johns Playing Field, Off Hull Road, York, YO10 3LG

Sundays 5pm - 6.30pm,

Wednesdays 6pm- 7pm (Adults)

Mobile : +44 (0) 7752-057218; Daytime: +44 (0) 1904 824164